• July 25, 2021

Watch: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ returns for season 11

The Big Bang theory has come back to life.The show’s ninth season begins on Tuesday, Oct. 31.Watch below to find out how it’s shaping up for the series, which has always seemed to have an edge in its third season.

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How to watch premium channels online via Optimum TV online

The online service from Optimum Networks is allowing you to watch over-the-top (OTT) content from TV shows and movies over the internet without the need for a TV box or set-top box.It’s called Optimum.This is the same OTT service that lets you watch online movies and TV shows on demand via your mobile device, Roku…

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CNN: Syria’s rebels are ‘ready to kill’

A video posted by The Associated Press shows Syrian rebels on the ground in eastern Aleppo, saying they are ready to kill the Syrian army.The video shows the rebels firing weapons and firing rockets into the air, and the rebels said they will attack the Syrian government.The rebels say they are prepared to “execute” the…

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Dream TV Online is a new, live TV streaming service that’s going to blow the roof off your internet bills

You’ve probably heard of Dream TV online, but what exactly does it do?Dream TV is an online TV streaming and watching service that was launched by Disney in 2015.In addition to streaming live television, Dream TV offers access to online programs, videos, and more.It also lets you create and watch your own channels.Now, a new…

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Which are the best TV shows online?

The news that the Internet is a good thing is not universally accepted, and for a long time it was only in the West that we were really talking about it.Now, it’s here.If you’ve ever been to a public event online, chances are you’ve noticed that it’s hard to avoid a few different sites that…

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