• October 9, 2021

Video: Video: A video that changed my life

From his childhood to his death, Michael Collins had the audacity to believe that he could do anything.

At one point he even told his mother that he had the ability to fly.

As Collins was being chased by a pack of wolves, he watched the footage and then took it with him and posted it on YouTube.

In 2011, Collins and his girlfriend, Lola, were playing in the woods when they heard a “hiss” coming from the other side of a tree.

Collins, his girlfriend and three dogs ran down to investigate.

It was the sound of a wolf, the result of a hunting accident that had happened just two weeks earlier.

The dogs and Collins got scared, and they were afraid to return to the woods because they thought wolves might come back.

Collins was terrified and wanted to get out of there as fast as he could.

Lola and Michael were there, so he took off his coat and ran into the woods.

But the sound was so loud that he couldn’t see anything and his dogs weren’t home, so the dogs kept chasing him.

He ran as fast he could into the dense woods, and as he got closer, he heard something and realized it was wolves.

“I felt like I was back at home,” Collins said.

Collins and Lola’s dogs followed him.

When he turned back to the wolves, they were still chasing him, but Collins didn’t have any choice.

He started to run toward the wolves and saw the animals come up from behind a tree and surround him.

Collins had a vision of wolves descending on him and eating him, and he started to shout for help.

The wolves, of course, weren’t able to hear him and chased him away.

He said he was terrified.

But his girlfriend was there to help.

“It’s not about me being scared of wolves,” she said.

“We’re just trying to make sure people don’t get hurt.”

She helped Collins up onto a tree, where he had a tent and food.

She and the other two dogs helped him to safety and brought him home to his family.

“That’s all we want to do is to help people,” Lola said.

The two young men decided to tell their story to make people aware of the dangers of the woods and to teach people to respect the animals.

The video and Collins’ story sparked a movement to educate people about wolves and their behavior.

Collins said he had been in a relationship for nine years and had been married four.

He had two kids and two grandchildren.

The couple moved to Idaho to be close to their two sons, but when he saw wolves around his property, he was afraid of them and decided to try to kill them.

“When we saw them, we thought they were animals,” he said.

Lila Collins is the founder of Wolves for Animals.

She said she had heard the video and decided she wanted to help Collins with his safety and to make it known to other people that there were wolves around.

Collins has a degree in education and is a volunteer for the Idaho Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.

Collins plans to become a licensed hunter and hunt wolves in the future.

“The people I met through Wolves for the Animals were great,” he added.

“They gave me so much encouragement and helped me learn so much about wolves.

It changed my mind about what I wanted to do and how I wanted it to go.”

He plans to move to Oregon and to start his own business, which will include selling food and materials for people to grow food and provide shelter for the animals he helps.

“Our goal is to teach and help people understand that there are wolves in our backyard,” he told the National Geographic crew.

“And that it’s okay for us to try and help protect them.”

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