• September 22, 2021

‘A little girl’s story’ as mom takes her son out of school

A little girl who took her first class in school at age 2 is in her third year at a prestigious college.

Kristina Bixler, a fourth-grader at West Virginia University, said she’s been a fan of the school’s online classes ever since she saw her first one in the fall of 2015.

The class is called “The World at Your Feet,” which has her studying the human body and life in general.

Bixlers’ mother, Jessica Bixer, said her daughter has always been interested in science and math, and now she’s taking a more hands-on approach to the classes, which she said she likes because it’s fun to help out and be around other kids.

“We’ve got a little girl here that wants to learn math,” Jessica Bitchler said.

Bixler said her son is already thinking about the future.

“He said he’s going to go to school for math,” she said.

“He’s already thinking that math will be a big part of his life.”

Bixlers mother, who teaches math at the university’s campus, said the school is teaching her daughter a new way of looking at the world, so her son can have an open and honest discussion with her.

“It’s not like a bunch of kids just randomly show up at the door,” Jessica said.

“This is a special opportunity for her to get to know these other students in her class.

They’re really great.”

Bitchler, who said she had a “really good experience” with the online classes, said that the online learning program is a great fit for her daughter.

“I think it’s a great way for her, because she’s going in a new direction,” she added.

Jessica said she is happy to have her daughter, who is studying math, be an active part of the college community.

“She’s been really supportive, she’s taken care of me,” she joked.

“I’m really happy for her.”

Follow AP’s coverage of the latest school shootings:The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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