• August 16, 2021

Twitter users who don’t pay for premium access have a problem that no one’s talking about

The Verge  (US)The most popular streaming service in the US, Netflix, is facing a new problem: its most popular users don’t necessarily pay for access to premium content.

According to a survey of Twitter users, a large majority of the top 100 Twitter users pay for unlimited access to the service, with the top 20% of users paying $7 per month for unlimited viewing of content.

That’s a large chunk of users who are willing to pay a premium for access, even if they’re not using the service to watch a lot of content, a survey found.

The survey, which was conducted by the Twitter analytics firm Twyme, also found that the number of users using Twitter premium for streaming content fell dramatically between November 2015 and November 2016.

The company says that in November 2016, around half of its users who logged in to Twitter Premium used the service for viewing premium content, down from around two-thirds in the year before.

However, that figure is only one way of measuring the popularity of the service.

Twymes survey also found some other important metrics: the number who have paid for access grew from less than 1% to 2% of the total population of users in November, compared to less than 2% the year prior.

Twitter says that the survey is not a representative sample of the users of its premium streaming service.

However, it did say that its premium content is growing in popularity.

The number of paid-for users is still relatively small, however, compared with other streaming services.

Netflix’s user base is growing by about 40 million daily users, Twymy found.

Twyme says that a growing number of people are turning to premium streaming services in response to the increasing cost of cable and satellite TV.

“This shift is also driven by a significant number of Americans who are watching content on demand at home, or are getting it for free online,” Twyman wrote.

Twymie also found a growing amount of people who are using the free, paid-as-you-go service Hulu, which is owned by Time Warner.

Hulu has seen a significant increase in popularity, with its premium subscribers now making up about half of all premium subscribers.

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