• June 21, 2021

When it comes to football players, Lezha doesn’t care about the #NFLPA tweet controversy

The NFLPA is back in the spotlight after the league announced it would be suing the league’s former commissioner, Roger Goodell, for $1.9 billion over the league allegedly defrauding players out of millions of dollars.

Now, it’s a bit harder to say who the NFLPA thinks is right.

After weeks of silence, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Thursday that the union will sue the NFL and its players union over the proposed settlement with the league and the union over its alleged contract violations.

The league has been in court since October to try to get the case thrown out, arguing that Goodell broke the collective bargaining agreement and violated the constitutional rights of players by refusing to abide by the union’s demands.

The case has become the focus of national attention because the NFL, which had to pay the NFL Players Association $2.6 billion to settle, would be required to pay back all the money it had already spent.

The players union, however, argues the settlement is a slap in the face to its members, especially those who voted for the union in 2012.

And it’s not just the union that’s interested in the lawsuit.

The NFLPA has been trying to reach out to members and former players to negotiate a new deal for years.

In September, the league agreed to settle with former player Brian Dawkins, who was suspended for two games in 2011 for violating a personal conduct policy.

Dawkins had been fined $1,000 after he told a team employee he was tired of playing and wanted to “get away from the game” for good.

He later said he was motivated by a desire to see his son play in college.

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